Industries Served

Payroll Processing and Human Resource Companies
We understand the importance of delivering your clients payroll on time and with professionalism.

Legal Delivery
We offer many services to the law firms and those companies that service the legal industry. We handle court filings to all local courthouses and beyond. We handle filings, self-filings (where applicable), pleadings, briefs, motions, orders, ordering of certified copies, etc. We also offer low flat rates for Court Reporters that require same day or next day service.

Real Estate and Title Companies
We offer many services for companies in the real estate industry. We offer routed stops to your branch offices or customers, rush title work and round trip signature deliveries, etc.

From financial reports, payroll or tax documents we deliver them on time and with professionalism, that your clients will appreciate.

We offer many services to the banking industry, including routed stops to all your branches on your time schedule. We also offer next day or same day service for title work, loan papers, etc. Low flat rates!

Architects and Construction Companies
When you need plans, bids, proposals, or supplies delivered in time and on time. You can consider it done, with Professional Express.

Healthcare Supplies and Pharmacies
We provide services for the healthcare industry. We deliver medical and pharmaceutical supplies and prescriptions to hospitals and home based customers. We handle the home based customers with a little extra TLC.

Financial and Estate Planners
We offer services for financial planning companies from all angles. Anything from quarterly financial reports to planning proposals, we deliver them on time and with a high level of professionalism.

And Many More
If you use courier services, odds are we are serving someone in your industry.

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