In consideration of the rate charged, it is agreed that the value of this shipment, whether consisting of one or more packages is not more than $100.00 and liability of PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. for loss or damage, irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage, including negligence is limited to $100.00. Further, to give PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. opportunity to protect shipments of high value items, such as cash, jewelry, negotiable securities, etc., it is agreed that no shipment of such high value items will be made through PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. without first declaring such items at the time of call for service is made. Shipper’s failure to notify PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. shall relieve PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. from any liability for loss or damage of such high value items, irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage, including negligence. If, after due notice to PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. by the shipper, such high value items are accepted for delivery the same limitations of liability based on declared value, as herein above shall apply. PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. will not be liable for loss or damage caused by delay, or improperly packaged or improperly labeled shipments. Claims regarding loss or damage of any kind must be made in writing within 45 days of delivery of shipments to PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. Claims not made within 30 days shall be deemed waived by the shipper. Should any claim in an amount in excess of the foregoing limits of liability be asserted against PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. by a third party for loss or damage to merchandise handled hereunder, the shipper agrees to hold PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS INC. harmless as against any such claim irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage including negligence. Courier is NOT authorized to accept special instructions.